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Although the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is in its 23rd edition this year, the very fact that the Organisors continue to dispense with upgrading the tournament is baffling.

The tournament is the oldest invitational tournament in the world that is still running, having made its appearance in 1983.


but it also is the only tournament that continues to refuse to inject technology such as the shot clock for penalty corners as well as the video referrals.

It really does not cost that much for the shot clock and with the host broadcasters confirming that only manpower and some equipment is required for video referrals, it is therefore raising questions as to why the refusal to make changes that will not only upgrade the prestige of the tournament but also help participating teams and match officials.

One has to bear in mind that these are the same Organisors that piggy back on the Asian Hockey Federation that ruled it was not necessary for both such equipment a for Asia's premier event, the Asia Cup last August.

Teams have been muttering on the quiet as to the absence of such equipment but do not want to antagonize the hosts.

But with thousands being spent to fete certain personalities, and refusal to shorten the tournament with Pakistan's withdrawal, this clearly is a case of penny wise pound foolish.